orthgatemfl - sixthform french

dept wiki http://spanishingrosvenor.wikispaces.com
This is our first and main wiki with links to lots of great websites, as well as pages such as Study Skills tips from pupils, trips, promoting Spanish and grammar notes.
Due to the volume of content, I created a wiki for pupil work http://spanishingrosvenorclasspages.wikispaces.com/
and one for topic links and content http://spanishingrosvenortopics.wikispaces.com

pupils' corner section was a "self help" how to guide for doing various ICT related things / never ending story pupils could ..
add to when they felt they wanted to to keep the story going, other things for revisions, not sure if anything in grammar but.... ..intended to get pupils to contribute to it and then use it as a grammar reference

used to run a wiki for yr 11/12/13 where they could upload revision materials, view+ listen to each other's then redraft+ improve

pupils could log-in but thanks to the history tab in wikispaces I cld easily monitor+ suspend pupils for inappropriate use #mflwiki

3 schools Islay, Georgia and Valencia 1 Wiki https://islaymonroe.wikispaces.com/

http://wcps.wikispaces.com a space to showcase work done by pupils at Whitehouse Common Primary
I've used wikispaces to share resources on and after courses I've delivered. That's sort of distance learning ;o)

re. using wiki- my pupils have just been on it again, adding wallwisher notes, http://bit.ly/dDYdfw Any use??
they ask each other Qs and send messages as well as use for homework, set year 7 their 1st wallwisher hmwk today
Edmodo does not allow pupil-to-pupil contact, so I find it's better for my KS4 to ask me Qs about hmwk without their mates knowing
ning was more teenagery with graphics + apps, like Facebook, so am using grou.ps for school partner contact, with photos, chat etc

I just tell them to go to the wiki. No need for them to update anything. Also use wiki with uni students slasps.wikispaces.com

I've just started this wiki for my students, not sure it's good enough 4u? http://mflatbitterneparkschool.wikispaces.com/

mine is basically an online scrapbook for all my classes to upload their work. I use it in conjunction with Edmodo and am gradually working out better and better ways to use the two of them as we go along...

...and this one is a bit different to that one! - The Black Paper

The MFL page of the ICTmagic Wiki has lot of links online language resources. See the Mandarin section for resources about Chinese language and culture.
Also, the children at my school are making a MFL Wiki called Speech Bubbles, with our Chinese partner school to share our native languages with each other

http://thirsklangs.pbworks.com switched to pbworks very recently as preferred it to the wikispace I had previously set up. Still very much work in progress and really want to encourage pupils collaborating on it but it is more of a place to showcase work at the moment including glogs etc. Still perhaps will get chance to do more updating in the summer hols - we can but dream!

Languages Chew Over

Crowdsourcing answers for James Cordle on use of wikis in MFL and in particular his wiki:

  1. What methods would you suggest I use to go about finding out if this is having a real impact?
  2. How would you use the wikispace? (i.e. mainly for the discussion board, or to post videos etc. How could it be further explored?)
  3. What kind of role should the teacher play in being a moderator of a discussion board?
  4. Are there potential pitfalls I should be aware of or any forseeable problems?
  5. Can you offer any further reading on the subject area?

I was thinking of mainly looking at the use of discussion boards and their effectiveness but if you can suggest other areas/points of interest, I would really appreciate it.

I look forward to hearing from you soon

Kind regards,


P.s. feel free to comment on the website and offer any tips for improving it! It's worth bearing in mind that I will primarily be using it for sixth form to begin with!

In case you have any use for or feedback in regards to these examples of my wikis, thanks ~ Kathy
My wiki for sharing French material and Teachnology stuff I share with colleagues http://epoustoufranc.wikispaces.com/Accueil+pour+profs
My wiki for a grade 11 IB class project (may be invisible - will fix if doesn't work) http://fsf3u8lasuperclasse.wikispaces.com/
My wiki for IB French B teachers, round-table 2014 http://www.frenchb2014roundtabletfss.wikispaces.com/Accueil