French Also for KS3. Brilliant set of rhymes to teach at phoneme level.

French A beautiful magazine site, intended for French children. As well as a class tool, students can apply to receive an emailed copy themselves. Free.
French A very visual site to use with Year 9s and above to discuss money and salaries. Put in the name of a celebrity and it shows you how much they earn... and how much they have earned since you visited the site!
French Spy stories a la James Bond - listening, reading and prompts for own writing.

French A good site to collect info for a different perspective on the holidays topic. Here, you can compare numbers of visitors etc. and A level.
French great site for climate change, weather trends etc.
French This site, which allows you to download podcasts of the news in two speeds could be useful. I have put this in KS4, but all levels might benefit.


WEB 2.0

Brilliant site for teachers - timers, templates for posters, game generators, diamond 9 template etc. Russel Tarr's site is probably best known for the Random Names Generator. Copy and paste a class list into it, hit go, and you have the original... and computerised(!) Mug of Misery!

Language Fuel Academy
A bunch of online courses related to teaching and learning languages. You can buy the courses individually, or you can get a monthly membership very cost effectively, and access all of the courses as part of the membership. It also includes a supportive Facebook group.