Here we go then, that's why I love the #mfltwitterati so much. A simple page where we can upload pictures from our classrooms / displays etc...Let the sharing continue!

Really believe that pupils need to see the key words I want them to use. I'm also convinced that they memorise them once I hide the display during controlled assessment.



Lots of washing lines and mobiles too! Maximum use of display space!


A few bits and bobs in my room: my desk, complete with "le point anglais" (a piece of painted plywood which is the only place I am allowed to speak English (unless I am wearing my "pantoufles anglaises", naturellement... ))20130124_132101.jpg map of the world, divided into 5 areas to help German students remember the 5 main Perfect Participle groups (will do a blog about that at some point...)20130124_131935.jpg

...and of course Astérix and Obélix! :)