Please add your suggestions for what could be included in a practical guide for MFL teachers interested in joining Twitter and getting the most out of the experience as a CPD or classroom tool.
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@ict4mfl Twitter is a resource and like any resource, how useful it will become for you, depends largely on the extent to how it is used. Become involved in your PLN for advice and support. Keep an eye on trends and identify how you could contribute, based on your own interests and experience. Everyone will support you, so never worry about your first few tweets. Get a Twitter client (i.e. Tweetdeck) and let it do the hardwork by filtering the information directly to you using key terms and searches. Keep an eye on popular resources and make a plan for incoporating these into your lessons. Share experience of these new tools and maybe something that you did differently with them. This helps others to gain some insight into what works. Finally good luck, welcome to Twitter and to your new community! :)

@emilia121 - it extends my skills of using ICT in teaching MFL (my learning never ends :), showing to others at school how useful it can be, but also be aware what not to share. Can be a good reflexive tool - what works, what doesn't in lessons and why - getting feedback from other teachers, the teaching process becomes more collaborative - after all teaching can be a very isolating job. Also, you can explore other people's blogs and see what is relevant to you.

@wizenedcrone (Although obvious) Repeat usual e-safety advice about being professional and careful not to say anything which might bring you or your school into disrepute.

@estherhardman - It's OK NOT to log in at times. You can't digest all the ideas / innovation. Share some/take some & feedback. Keep it manageable.

@valleseco - #mfltwitterati Take the bull by the horns and be proactive. Post a link to one of your favourite websites.Chip in on a conversation

@bibitybob - @joedale @valleseco also how contacts lead you to explore blogs of participants who tweet, and postings relevant to conversation thread

@lisibo - a bit about how to make things fit into 140 ch. Useful abbreviations? Etiquette of DM vs @reply. Retweeting. Avoiding rants

@valleseco - Emphasis on how Twitter is a friendly and supportive online environment, unlike other fora.

@lisibo - don't make it too complicated or advanced or you'll put people off - just adv of use and how it has been / can be used by others

@estherhardman - Twitter keeps me aware of ICT in MFL projects (inter)nationally. I'm constantly inspired to innovate within my own practice.

@bibitybob - encourage newbies to ask something?

@estherhardman - @lisibo @joedale Also being aware of Tiny URL (automatic in Tweet Deck)

@lisibo - also pros and cons of locking acct - secure and spam not a problem but means you can't be retweeted.

@bibitybob - some links for video tutorials on how to use Twitter

@spanishsam - fill in you Bio and get involved in conversations that interest you!

@valleseco - Maybe find an acquaintance who can introduce you to the twitterati?

@bellaale - don't feel as though every little thing you say has to be a ground-breaking stroke of genius

@joedale - Add a profile pic which could be an avatar or an image of yourself rather than sticking with the default

@phpnz - inc. sugggested "follow" and how to keep track of links. Beginners twitter for MFL teachers

@icpjones - Look at Twitter lists to start following languages people and check out who they are following

@ipjones -Use Tweetdeck or Seesmic to follow specific groups and hashtags but do not feel under pressure to read it all (newbies often ask about the time you need to spend on Twitter for it to be worthwhile) -If it is THAT good, it will be tweeted again...

@suzibewell - I use Tweetdeck so that Twitter is on in the background when I am doing other computer stuff. A good mix of adding your own thoughts and ideas and seeing what others are doing is the way forward.

@suzibewell - Twitter can be quite addictive. Be warned!

@suzibewell - Don't forget to add a brief bio so we know who you are, what you do and waht languages you teach

@chapeluser - Remember that you might sometimes log in and find us talking drivel, just as with 'real' friends chatting by the water fountain(!) The best pizza topping, @joedale's sandwich fillings, its all here. However...don't blink... you will then miss the next little gem, ready to be applied to your lessons by Monday morning. Enjoy!

@joedale Consider downloading TweetDeck App on your mobile

@rubiales62 If you are joining MFL Twitterati and wish to share our MFL TWitterati Dropbox resources (UK MFL Teachers only), please see the MFL Twitterati Dropbox wikispace for information, the rules and how to request an invitation.

I had a Skype chat today with MFL Twitter newbie and explained how to do the following:
how to upload profile pic, protect tweets, send replies (can reply to someone you are not following if you put @username at the beginning of your tweet), DMs (Can only DM someone who is following you and you are following back) hashtags (following conferences or TV programmes, rhetorical humour), favorite tweets (NB. can only favourite tweets not DMs).
Add column for MFL Twitterers – full url not
Add columns under Core for Favorites, New Followers, how to permanently delete columns once event has finished
Notifications (and how to turn them off) and username autocomplete.
NB. No bio no follow!